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Hello mate.

Posted by LexRodent - January 3rd, 2017

What brings you to my profile ?

Clicking random stuff ? Thats a good way to find new things on NG.

Do you like something I did ? Thanks for checking my creations.

Are you upset because I took your audio down ? Don't hate the player, hate the game

If you think I made a mistake, tell me about it.
Keep it civil, being a jerk won't get you anywhere.

Watever brings you here, thanks for stopping by.

If you have something to ask or say to me, you can drop a comment here or send me a PM.


Comments (34)

Curiosity brought me here

Curiosity brings knowledge. That's a good thing to have.

Clicking on the bottom of the page for Following you brought me here

Thanks. I really appreciate it :)

quiero saber porque me banearon no hay segunda oportunidad para encontrar el problema

Hola juandiaz32. Si eres el creador legitimode esos tracks y estos cumplen con las reglas del portal de audio, puedo deshacer el banneo. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es mostrarme una prueba de ser el propietario de esa musica.

Mandame un mensaje privado si tienes dudas o necesitas mas informacion.

my quest for REVENGE has brought me here

If the cause is righteous, you have a new ally

Vine por mi ban xD, pero no hay pedo, la cague en no verificar el copyright :/

Asi es Dijapter. Aqui en Newgrounds solo puedes publicar tus propias creaciones.

Dear LexaHergon,

I am here because my remix of Twenty One Pilots' "Ride" was taken down and I am, of course, upset about this event. I think that my remix shouldn't have been removed from NewGrounds since I gave all of the necessary credit to the original author of the song that I remixed. When I was publishing the remix, I made sure to say that the track was a remix of a third-party's song. Please consider my statements and reconsider the taking down of this audio post. If there was an error in the reasoning of this complaint, please inform me of how I was wrong to think that the posting of this remix did not infringe upon any copyright laws.



Hello Waspio (aka DJGreenBeen).

Your remix was taken down for containing copyrighted audio samples.
Twenty One Pilots is represented by a major label, so, all their music is copyrighted.
In order to be able to publish this kind of material here, you would need explicit written and certified permission of the authors and their label to avoid any legal issues. Giving all credit to the original author is not enough to get around it.
Fair use does not apply on Newgrounds.

I hope this was helpful to clarify why your remix can't be hosted on Newgrounds.

Get the cheese.

By popular demand the old "Learn the maze. Get the cheese." is now back :P

Awww <3

Was expecting the snowman to maybe come alive at the end and eat them all, or someone to be buried inside it... maybe I shouldn't spend so much time on NG hmm. Oh, and clicking relevant stuff led me here. ;) Thanks for the cool entertainment.

I would love to find some footage like that.

wow you are an audio mod... i have short memory.

That makes 2 of us. I make a lot of notes to remember stuff, and still I forget some of them.

I usually pop by every so often. Commenting because this post is witty.

Question: What is the reasoning behind your username? It seems like an anagram of something-Hexagon

Glad you like my multi-purpose news post.
My username is some sort of anagram, but not quite, I'll reveal you the mystery on a PM.

Question: Why exactly did you put W.a.y.a.f.h. at the bottom? what is it anyway

That's a video I made for one of my tracks. I try to put a new one every month or so.
W.a.y.a.f.h. is the song's title, it means : Well, aren't you a f*cking hero ?

you son of a, your the one who got me ban because you think that i stole a song, but guess what pal, have you even read what i said, i said "it belong to the rightful owner" i never said i own it

Yes, I'm the one who got you banned. Have you even read the audio portal rules ?
Guess what pal, they say : "If you didn't make it, DO NOT upload it."

and plus i don't even remember uploading any music because I haven't even upload that music that I got ban from

You banned me for uploading my already uploaded song again ? Rly? I only wanted to use it in gd but it didnt work so I tired again

Did you read the PM I sent you ?

Hi Lexargon what you did left me a little annoyed but I know it was the right I wanted to post this song in NewGrounds to upload in GD even knowing that can not post famous songs unless the artist is

That is right TrixerMusic, You can't publish other people's creations on Newgrounds.
Nothing personal, It's just how it is. Please read that link I sent you on the PM so you know how the GD custom songs system works now.

An audio ban brought me here, which is completely oblivious for what you'd expect in the comments. I'm pretty sure one of the audios I uploaded was usable to be on NG (ShadowDNB). -_-

Sorry LavaFlaredGamer, but the ban is not about a track being or not being usable on NG.
You cannot publish other people's creations, only original audio it's allowed.

randomness brought me here

Randomness brings a lot of surprises.
I hope this was a pleasant one.

Ever heard of "hate the sin, love the sinner"?
This is getting ridiculous Just because I posted that one song a long time ago does not mean you should stop me from posting for a MONTH. I make good music now. I won't post any more of those songs. I accept that you took down my audio. But do you really have to take away the one thing that's keeping me frequently coming to Newgrounds? I'd pretty much have nothing to do on here if I couldn't post for a while and I'd probably lose interest and trash my account. Are you TRYING to make me do that?


Hello 0-XenoN-0.
Yes I have heard of that. That's exactly what moderation it's all about.
It's not about banning people (I have nothing against you) , this is about enforcing the rules.
An audio ban it's just the price to pay for disregarding (not reading or reading and not caring) about the audio portal rules.
This website has a lot to offer. You can enjoy games, art, animation, music, forums, stats, etc.
If you don't care about all that, and you wish to leave for not being (temporarily) able to use a single feature of the site, that's not on me. It's your decision.

Just wondering, I’m not mad about my song getting taken down and I should have read the rules ;P But to avoid further confusion, can I use loops from Garage Band if I myself made them and simply used the loop feature? If so, could I be mistaken as using a prepare licensed loop?

Thanks for understanding Code25.
If you make your own patterns beats and synth lines, there is nothing wrong with using the loop feature of your D.A.W. It's only rule breaking if you use pre-made, beats, chord progressions, synth lines, etc.

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