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Le quedó muy bien la animación.
Esos temas de el universo y el origen de la vida siempre captan la imaginación.
El único detalle que tiene es que lo deja a uno con ganas de ver más.

andresfelipeibanezcu responds:

Gracias por mirar compañero, y si el punto original de la animación era mostrar en universo en creación supremamente rápida, pero que desde un comienzo de muestre como todo es creado como si fuera un programa de computadora.

Man, the frozen smile of the lady holding Jim gets the cake.
Mr. Panzee should host he's own talk show.

A nice animation , a metal slug homage and a dick joke.
All on the same pack !

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It's a nice and fun concept.
Still rough on the edges, but with a bit of polishing on the artwork, proper sound effects and music, I'm sure this could be a lot more enjoyable.

Having a black ship in our control as well as black enemies over a black background doesn't seem to me like a good idea. That may be a good starting point to improve on this game.

Mindblade16 responds:

Thank you for your criticism. I will learn to do better.

Pretty nice game, it gave me a Super Metroid (with a sword) feel.
Would love to play a re-make of this one with a bigger map to explore and a better use for the skills. What's with that SLA MIG guy ?, it's some kind of inside joke from ye olden days ?

ErikSwahn responds:

Metroid has been a huge inspiration. I too wanted a bigger world with more story and the like, but I am usually too ambitious. The SLÅ MIG guy was part of my early testing days trying to make hit boxes. "SLÅ MIG" means "hit me" in swedish. Glad some of you found him :)

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I hear a lot of advance on your mixing.
Regarding the levels of all instruments, all sounds in place even if there's a lot of them.

Watch out for the release time on the low and mid-low end sounds , it creates a bit of dissonance. Also don't forget about frequency cuts.

Some equalization on the instruments whit the same freq range can help you to achieve an overall cleaner sound.

Nice new style. Looking forward to see your future improvement :)

This is certainly different of the average audio posted on Newgrounds.
Quite refreshing and welcome to my taste. This place sure can use more punk / folk.
Digging the raw style !

HoboSchmely responds:

glad u enjoyed. im bringing the dity crusty folk punk scene into newgrounds... i havent seen really any other dirty kid or folk punkers on here to be honest. but imma preach the dirty word on here about it

I think it's OK the way it is, but it will work better as a video game loop.
It just needs a proper ending to connect with the beginning.
The crushed background perc and chiptune-ish sounds give it a fun character.

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This kicks ass in a lot of levels.
Love those little details in red.

GuiserGestalt responds:

Thank you my dude, didn’t really want to colour the entire thing as I thought it would take away from the feel, the red just gave it enough to make it stand out, so I’m glad Liked the choice.

In soviet Russia , Bugs Bunny have us.

No sabía que fuera usted tan bueno dibujando a lápiz :o

DrakoCreator responds:

de hecho lo que siempre me ha costado es dibujara digital ya que en general si es tradicional ya sea lápiz, pluma, acuarelas, acrílico o inclusive óleo es algo que llevo muchos años dibujando y que por estar animado los he dejado de lado por eso me siento oxidado.
Gracias por su comentario :D Feliz Década nueva :D

The worst thing since non-sliced bread.
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