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Even in parodies Krillin gets pwned !
Fun stuff overall, even if animation it's a bit rough.

The animated caterpillar over a "live action" leaf gives it a very distinct visual style.
The character's facial expression gets the cake for me.

Fugeni responds:

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Will voodoo-business-men resurrect him as a zombie ?
Find out on the next episode !
Nice work mate, you sure threw a lot of obscure characters in there, I barely know half of them.

Ant0on responds:

Hehe thanks man, those 90's 'tude mascots are pretty rare today, but I thought it'd be cool to include them as most of them tried hard to imitate Sonic :)

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Seems OK, but unfortunately the screen it's cut (it appears incomplete on the horizontal axis) and the dialogs can't be read properly.
That makes hard to follow the story.

Baohuy1303 responds:

Hmmm, so that means your computer must have a big res, which is completely opposite for me, I'm on a laptop making games!

No es posible jugar este juego.
Tal y como está ahora no se puede ver mas que una fracción del tamaño total de la interfaze de usuario. Probablemente tendrás que re-exportarlo con un tamaño diferente.

Not a bad typing game, but the lack of sound makes it feel dull.
Some catchy tunes can make wonders for any game's presentation.
Same goes for sound effects. Even it's a minor detail, it still counts.

Keep the good work :)

undrev responds:

@LexRodent, thanks! The recent update includes some music and sfx.

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Nice and spooky !
Would work perfectly for an opening sequence of an indie horror game or movie.
Those fast (chromatic?) notes from 2:16 to 2:27 are the highlight of this piece.
Can't find anything out of place here ; there's some dissonance on the lows in some parts, but I assume it's intended to create tension and/or atmosphere.

Keep the good work mate.

Codefreq responds:

Thanks for the review! :) My intent with the fast notes you are referring to is to give the sense of a spider crawling around, adding to the spookiness.

I see you were able to find a better guitar sound. Way to go man !
The only thing wrong about this, it's there's too little of that rocking jam.
Looking forward to hear more like this.

Nice podcast mate. Best of luck with this project.

GroundsPatrol responds:

Appreciated LexRodent.

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This is pretty cool.
Looking forward to see it as background.

This poster looks really nice.
All colors and characters blend well together.
Can't wait to see it coming to life !

That's a nice zombeaver lurking underwater !
It will go to my art playlist. Thanks mate.

Deathscythe99 responds:

You're welcome. Glad it's to your liking.

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