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Good to see Lorenzo again on Newgrounds.
Great work in every aspect mate. I hope there will be more episodes coming.

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Nice ! It's finally alive.
Solid animation style, sound and music. It could be a good mini series.
I'll be sure to get back to this one to have some extra enjoyment, reading the butthurt reviews :D

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Even if the animation style it's very rough and simple, I really like the idea of interacting "physically" with the animation.
I would love to see this re made with a more refined style and sound added to it.

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EliteHeadset responds:

sorry for the rough animation XD i made this using mouse only XD

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I like the idea behind this game as well as the minimal design.
Good challenge lever for a short game. Very nice for an LD entry.

4 stars for nice physics, relaxing and fitting music as well as the weird but interesting play fields and obstacles. Quite entertaining mini golf game.
Also because my hand feel quite all right :D
Having the option of zooming in/out the camera or being able to change to a wider view point would be a great addition.

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It's a nice and simple idea, totally worth to keep developing.
I think it would be more enjoyable if the action could start at a slower pace, maybe with less obstacles and enemies, and then crank it up gradually.
That would give this game the right arcade style feeling.

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Quite good and expressive despite being so short.
Good to see you are back.

Fits the cinematic genre. I like the Asian like vibe it has.
I would suggest you yo add different notes on all your synth layers so it sounds bigger and richer.
Good mix, melodic line, and sounds of choice.

Fabbemark007 responds:

Thanks! I have Always wondered how to make my songs sound bigger.

A bit weird but it has some charm.
Watch your mix. The percs have too much presence, and they drown your chords.
The dissonant melody would sound a lot better with a more ethereal sound.
It could use some more low freqs too, specially on your kick.

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This poster looks really nice.
All colors and characters blend well together.
Can't wait to see it coming to life !

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That's a nice zombeaver lurking underwater !
It will go to my art playlist. Thanks mate.

Deathscythe99 responds:

You're welcome. Glad it's to your liking.

That cat has the eyes of an arsonist !
Nice piece.

Outstandingly unremarkable , smartly stupid, uniquely ordinary , cheerfully gloomy , successfully loser and happily wretched.


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